How to become a supplier

The first stage in becoming a supplier to Trafikverket is to keep updated on the procurements that are currently being carried out and which ones are being planned in the area your company operates.

By law Trafikverket must advertise its procurements in a publicly accessible database. The advertised procurements can also be found on our website. You can find this under 'Current procurements' in the menu.

We use the prequalification system TransQ for some of our procurements. These procurements are generally not advertised. You can find more information about the prequalification system in the right menu.

When you submit a tender to Trafikverket you have to show that your company manages its accounts and pays taxes and fees.

If we discover that a supplier has been found guilty of criminal activities, corruption, fraud or money laundering, we will exclude them from our procurements.

We can exclude suppliers that have started bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings or have been banned from engaging in business.