Picture of the road E20 past Skara.

E20 past Skara

Widening the road and separating lanes in opposite direction to increased safety and accessibility at E20 north of Skara.

E20 is a very important road for the cities in the middle part of Sweden, as well as connecting Gothenburg and Stockholm, with 10 000 vehicles passing every day (20% heavy). For example, E20 allows traffic from the middle parts of Sweden to reach Gothenburg's harbour for further transportation.

At many places along E20 there is no other roads to travel by and therefore there are many connections at E20. This also makes it important for different types of traffic to coexist with each other, for example farmers, people commuting and transports from industries. The lack of other roads is a complexity during construction, since the new road will be constructed at the same location as the existing road it is not often possible to redirect the traffic.

The shortcomings of the existing road are low accessibility and safety as well as noise and barrier effects for humans and animals. The road also misses a parallel road network for local traffic and people walking and bicycle.

To increase the road's capacity and accessibility at least 40% of the road will have 2+2 lanes, which means that the existing road needs to widen to 16,5 m. The road also needs to be reinforced since it should tolerate heavy traffic and a speed limit at 100 km/h, today the speedlimit is 60-80 km/h.

To increase safety and reduce the number of accidents a few main constructions will be done throughout the entire project; fewer connecting roads by building a parallel road network, new fauna fences, barriers between lanes in opposite directions and separate roads for walking and bicycle.

The project is two parts of E20 located north of Skara in Western Sweden with a length of 6 km, named Vilan-Dalaån, and 2 km, named Dalaån-Ledsjö. The building of Vilan-Dalaån starts in 2019 with a construction cost of approximately 15 million euro. The building of Dalaån-Ledsjö starts 2021 with a construction cost of approximately 10 million euro.