Maria station in Helsingborg.


Almost all of the West Coast line has now been converted to double track. However, the section between Ängelholm and Helsingborg has yet to be upgraded.

The West Coast Line that runs between Gothenburg and Malmö/Lund is an important connection for passenger traffic in western Sweden. Currently around 80 per cent of the line is double track, and upgrading work is under way or is planned for the remaining sections, through Varberg and between Ängelholm and Helsingborg. Construction of the Varberg tunnel is ongoing and is planned to be done in 2024. The Ängelholm-Helsingborg, Romares väg section is scheduled to be upgraded to 2023, and Swedish Transport Administration has presented four different proposals for action for the section between Helsingborg, Maria station and Helsingborg C, although no decisions have yet been made.

Upgrading to double track improves the conditions for more efficient train traffic. We can increase the speed and reduce travel time. The competitiveness of train traffic versus other modes of transport increases.

The Ängelholm-Helsingborg section

Currently this single-track section is heavily congested. The Ängelholm-Helsingborg section is a bottleneck on the West Coast Line. Passengers and train operators alike would like more frequent departures, shorter travel times and greater punctuality. Once the West Coast Line has been fully upgraded, the travel time between Gothenburg and Malmö is expected to be a little over two hours.

Rail travel is increasing

The section between Ängelholm and Helsingborg is only used by passenger trains, and it is mostly regional traffic that requires increased capacity. Existing traffic comprises approximately 100 passenger trains. The number of trains is expected to increase in the long term.