The West Link Project (Västlänken)

The West Link is a major transport infrastructure project in Gothenburg, West Sweden.

The West Link is a railway connection in a tunnel under the center of Gothenburg. The tunnel will connect commuter rail services to routes that pass through the city, and give rise to three new stations in Gothenburg. The new railway tunnel will facilitate travelling. Train frequency can be increased, travel times made shorter and passengers can reach more destinations without transfers.

As commuting times are reduced, the labor market will expand – for the inhabitants of both Gothenburg and Western Sweden. An important prerequisite for regional growth and a sustainable urban and regional development.

The West Link Project is included in the national plan for the Swedish Transport System 2014–2025, which the Government adopted in 2014. The West Link is also part of the West Swedish agreement which includes investments in public transport, rail and road.

The West Link route 

A tunnel with three underground stations

The West Link is an eight kilometer long double track railway, including a six kilometer railway tunnel, underneath the city of Gothenburg.

The West Link will increase accessibility to Gothenburg with three new underground stations in the city; at Gothenburg Central Station, Haga and Korsvägen. At the same time, the capacity for rail traffic will increase with routes going through the city.

The West Link will run from Gothenburg Central Station along Södra Älvstranden and pass the two stations at Haga and Korsvägen, which will enable easier access to a number of important places and institutions.