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Illustration of Malmsjögatan. Illustration: Metro Arkitekter

Walking and cycling bridge, Fåfängan. ILLUSTRATION: DOF ENGINEERS

Olskroken Project

Olskroken is one of the most important nodes in the Gothenburg and Western Sweden rail system. A conversion into grade-separated tracks is needed to increase the accessibility and dependability for all rail traffic to and from Gothenburg.

Five rail lines converge in Olskroken, most of them on the same level. Both passenger and goods trains pass through the junction, which make this point one of the most intensive nodes for rail traffic in Sweden. A conversion of Olskroken into a grade-separated junction is therefore needed to increase the capacity of the rail system. A junction where the tracks cross on different levels will also increase the accessibility and the dependability for all rail traffic to and from the connecting lines.

Included in the national plan

The 8th of April 2014, the Swedish Government adopted the national plan for the Swedish Transport System for the years 2014-2025. Olskroken Project is included in the plan and the construction started in 2018. Traffic is estimated to commence in 2023/2024.

Coordinated construction

Olskroken Project will connect with the new tracks included in the West Link Project. The construction work of the two projects will be coordinated because of cost and efficiency reasons.