Repurchase and returns

Here we describe how to return technically approved material to the Swedish Transport Administration.

Always contact Customer Service at the Swedish Transport Administration regarding buybacks and returns.

The forms below shall be used and sent to Customer Service by e-mail. We will get back to you with information about what material we will receive from you and when we need the material.

New material

New material refers to unused material that has never been installed.

The request for return of material must be made as soon as possible after delivery. When submitting the request, always enter a reference to our customer order number. The product must be unused and able to be returned in its original packaging.

Repairable material including scarce items

Repairable material refers to material that has been used in a Swedish Transport Administration installation. A list of repairable material and more information can be found in the material catalogue. Scarce items are materials that have been previously used in an installation and that are no longer being manufactured. Scarce items are a part of repairable material. Scarce items shall provide spare parts for the remaining installations of this type. It is of the utmost importance that these scarce items are reused in the national flow of spare parts. Scarce items are the property of the Swedish Transport Administration.

The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for shipping costs for the return of repairable items, including scarce items.

Dismantled repairable material from maintenance contracts

Dismantled repairable material shall be returned to the Swedish Transport Administration. The current list of items included in the repairable range can be found in the material catalogue. The material is returned without a notice of interest. Attach the form "Retur av demonterat material".

NOTE! Do not send any material until you have received a confirmation from us.