E4/E20, Road changes on Essingeleden-Södra länken, Årstalänken

A number of changes have been made to Årstalänken and connecting ramps. These changes only affect vehicles travelling in the westbound direction towards E4/E20.

In particular, the changes affect those who drive from the roundabout that connects Årstabergsvägen and Åbyvägen to Årstalänken. From the roundabout it is no longer possible to use Årstalänken to drive to E4/E20 southbound.

Årstalänken is the section of road that connects the Södra länken tunnel system to the E4/E20 motorway.

About the changes


You are no longer able to use the westbound ramp from the roundabout in Årsta to access the off-ramp leading to E4/E20 in the southbound direction. Instead you will need to use a different route, for example Årstabergsvägen or Åbyvägen and Västberga allé to access E4/E20 in the southbound direction.

You will still be able to use the westbound ramp from the roundabout to get to E4/E20 in the northbound direction, towards Essingeleden.

Two important reasons for these changes:

  1. The previous roadway design was not well adapted to the large flow of traffic from Södra länken. This has resulted in queues and tunnel closures.
  2. There have been traffic safety problems related to the lane changes needed to drive from the roundabout to the off-ramp leading to E4/E20 in the southbound direction. These problems would have increased if this route was allowed in the new design.

Additional traffic safety improvements

In December a number of further changes were made to improve traffic safety. This was necessary as many drivers did not follow the traffic rules and regulations.


The road highlighted in light green is the new recommended route.

The changes are made as part of a test project

The new roadway design will be tested during a period of 6 months. If the changes improve the overall traffic situation they will be made permanent.

What happens now?

The changes were made in November, 2020. Since then we have been analysing the measurements we have collected. Due to Covid and a lower number of vehicles durng this period, the analytics, which means the study of the changes, has been postponed.  

More information

On trafiken.nu you can read about traffic situation in your area.