E4, Ljungby-Toftanäs

The purpose of the project is to improve quality of transport, road safety and accessibility. The measure is positive for regional development.

The E4 between Helsingborg and Stockholm is one of Sweden's most important traffic and transport routes. The only part of the E4 between Helsingborg and Gävle that is not of motorway standard is the thirty kilometre stretch at Ljungby.

The biggest problem is the frequent traffic disruptions on this stretch, which have increased substantially in recent years. Almost every week there is any accident or incident that leads to a stop in traffic. During longer stops and when maintenance work is being carried out, traffic is diverted via the old road.

About the project

The E4 passes through the protected area for Bergaåsen, which is the source of drinking water for the Växjö and Alvesta municipalities. To protect the source, temporary water protection measures have been taken in the wait for a more permanent protection system to be provided in connection with a future conversion of the E4.

These measures mean that the existing road between Ljungby and Toftanäs is widened to a motorway in order to enable a speed standard in keeping with surrounding routes.

The reference speed for the new road is 120 km/h.

The project includes:

  • 28 bridges and four traffic interchanges at Hallsjö, Lagan, Ljungby North and Ljungby South.
  • Two water protection measures at Bergaåsen and Ljungby water source.

Where it's being built

The object is located in Ljungby Municipality, Kronoberg County.