E20 past Mariestad

The E20 past Mariestad is to be remodelled as a country road with central barrier on a section about 17 km long. There will be 2+2 traffic lanes, separated by a central barrier.

The Swedish Transport Administration decided how work on the E20 past Mariestad was to proceed in December 2016. Work on the choice of location resulted in the blue corridor, i.e. the corridor that mainly follows the present route.

Since summer 2017, work has been proceeding on the road plan Consultation document, design of location alternative. With effect from the present stage, the project will be divided into two parts, Hindsberg- Muggebo and Muggebo-Tjos. This means that two road plans will be produced.

Welcome to dialogues with our two projects E20 Götene-Mariestad and E20 Past Mariestad!

Date: 20-21 February 2023
Location: Transport Agency Skövde, Trädgårdsgatan 15 D, Sweden

Individual meetings of 1.5 hour containing information from the projects as well as dialogue about the matters below:

  • Time schedule
  • Packaging of projects
  • Contract Form
  • Project Risks
  • Construction Period

Project managers and responsible buyers will participate in the dialogues.


Registration is done by e-mail to tommy.ghose@trafikverket.se and sara.skantze@trafikverket.se State your name, company, title and contact information (e-mail and telephone number) and which of the days you wish to attend. By the 19th of December we would like your notification.

In the beginning of February we will return with confirmation of the day and time, as well as the set-up for the meeting.

Welcome to dialogue!

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