Värnamo-Jönköping/Nässjö, electrification and speed increase

The aim of the project is to improve travel time and to create conditions for attractive and sustainable passenger and goods transport.

Currently, the railway is single-track and not electrified. Travel times between Jönköping–Vaggeryd–Värnamo will become more competitive and have better conditions and opportunities for growth/provision of competence, as well as work and study commuting. The goal for the project is that the journey time between Jönköping-Värnamo should be less than 50 minutes by passenger train.

With electrified tracks, the Torsvik and Båramo terminals would play an important role in moving greater volumes of goods from road to rail. Major investments in the form of passing tracks, remote blocking and track replacement have been carried out on the southern part of the route.

The object comprises:

  • electrification of the track between Nässjö-Vaggeryd-Värnamo
  • electrification of the track between Vaggeryd–Byarum
  • a new line between Byarum and Tenhult, a total of 24 kilometres
  • noise protection measures
  • tree securing
  • a new road past Tenhult
  • passing track between Huskvarna and Tenhult

The object makes a positive contribution to ecological sustainability by increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the railway, thereby enabling the transfer of transport from road to rail, with reduced carbon dioxide emissions as a result. Electrification also has positive effects for ecological sustainability.

However, the new railway line carries the risk of intrusive effects on nearby nature reserves and national interests and might potentially affect biodiversity, which may be detrimental to ecological sustainability.

The object enables new traffic arrangements with heavier and longer trains and diversion opportunities in the event of disruption on the southern main line, which is positive for economic sustainability. Social sustainability benefits from faster and more comfortable commuting opportunities on the Värnamo-Jönköping route.