This is how ScanMed RFC is organised

The ScanMed RFC is organised in an executive board, a management board and advisory groups.

The Executive Board is composed of representatives from the member state authorities. The Executive Board is responsible for defining the general objectives and of supervising the freight corridor. The Swedish member of the Executive Board is a representative from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

Management Board

The Management Board consist of representatives from each infrastructure administrator. Decisions on the corridor shall be taken unanimously by the Management Board.

The tasks of the Board are to:

  • Develop and administer an implementation plan that is to be in place no later than six months before the corridor becomes operational.
  • Review and decide on an investment plan which is to be submitted for decision by the Executive Board.
  • Hold consultations with the applicants.Coordinate engineering works plans in the long and short terms.
  • Appoint and establish a Corridor One-Stop-Shop (C-OSS).
  • Determine how many pre-scheduled train paths the OSS shall be in charge of.Set up common rules for operative traffic control and adopt guidelines for disturbances.
  • Draw up common goals for punctuality.
  • Produce a corridor information document for the corridor which shall have a certain content specified in the regulation.
  • Promote a common view of quality requirements for those trains that are operated in the corridor.
  • Set up two advisory groups – one for railway undertakings and the other for terminals/ports.
  • Follow up deliveries on an annual basis and conduct a customer satisfaction follow-up.

Advisory groups

The Management Board has set up two advisory groups, one for terminals and the other for railway undertakings. They have the opportunity to express their views on the proposals that could have consequences for their companies. The groups may also give views at their own initiative, to which the Board shall give consideration.

One of the groups consists of administrators and owners of terminals located in or near the freight corridor. It could, for example be the owners of industrial sidings, terminals and ports. The other group consists of railway undertakings that are interested in being able to use the corridor.

Permanent manning of ScanMed RFC

The Board of Directors has appointed a permanent staff for the freight corridor consisting of:

  • Corridor Director
  • Project Manager
  • Corridor One-Stop-Shop (C-OSS)

National contacts

Each infrastructure authority has appointed a contact to provide access to the members of the organisation when national experts are needed for various working groups. They also coordinate the national work for the annual updating of corridor information documents and the design of pre-planned train paths and the planning of spare capacity in existing timetables.

Organisation chart.