Measures and requirements to promote employment

Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration, is the first Government authority in Sweden to have been commissioned by the Government to introduce measures to create jobs for unemployed persons in connection with their procurements.

The Government has a specific aim that those individuals who find themselves a long way from the labour market will be able to come closer, and that the level of unemployment among them will decrease. This is something the Government wishes to happen as a consequence of employment demands made on the unemployed in connection with public procurement.

Trafikverket has chosen to fulfil this aim by deciding in the first place to focus on the unemployed meeting the competence requirements that are applied in the construction and civil engineering sector and that demands should not be allowed to lead to major repressive effects. In the second place, the focus will be directed at the needs of individuals to acquire jobs/gain work experience.

On the basis of this aim, Trafikverket has chosen to broaden the target group and to enable demands for providing jobs for the unemployed to cover more groups than the long-term unemployed. The Administration is doing this by making it possible for contractors to employ individuals who are in need of a period of apprenticeship or traineeship before being able to sit their exams, or that the contractor can use the demands to contribute towards better matching on the labour market.

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Latest version of TDOK 2017-0444, Employment through procurement (pdf-file, 232 kB, opens in a new window)

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