Information regarding the invasion of Ukraine

On this page you can find information related to the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the EU has decided to impose sanctions on Russia.

The Swedish Transport Administration has established a national crisis management to handle any impact on the transport system. We follow developments closely to be able to handle the situations that may arise linked to, among other things, material supply and fuel prices. As a supplier, you should continuously take part in and live up to the sanctions that have been introduced and ensure that these are followed at the supplier level.

Decision on regulation of increased fuel costs in ongoing contracts

During the spring, the Swedish Transport Administration's suppliers were hit by large cost increases for fuel. The Swedish Transport Administration has now decided how this will be handled.

The Swedish Transport Administration has decided to regulate fuel costs primarily in existing contracts where specific regulation does not exist. The regulation will take place from January 2022. The decision may be revoked if the conditions change.

We will return shortly on how you, who are covered by the decision, should be able to apply for compensation.