The European construction market

The Swedish Transport Administration has potential suppliers on the Euroconstruct market. We make a large number of targeted efforts to attract foreign suppliers.

The Euroconstruct market comprises 19 European countries. The market consists of almost all Western European countries (EU and EFTA) and a number of Eastern European states (EU candidate countries). The total value of the civil engineering market in the Euroconstruct area amounts to approximately EUR 401 billion (2022). Several of the world’s largest contractors are to be found in the Euroconstruct market.

The Swedish Transport Administration’s experience from webinars, shows that it is primarily Spanish and Polish - but also French and Italian - contractors who are interested in projects in Scandinavia. In 2022 various promotional activities are planned, such as; “Business-to business meetings” with Finnish and British suppliers and webinars for Norwegian suppliers.

The construction economy in Europe

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