Trafikverket's prequalification system – TransQ

When Trafikverket carries out a procurement in accordance with the Act on Procurement in the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors (LUF), we may use our prequalification system.

Trafikverket only uses the prequalification system TransQ when carrying out procurements over the threshold values. TransQ is an Internet-based supplier register and prequalification system that is run by the company Achilles for the leading Nordic transport organisations.
Table of Threshold Values.

Using TransQ allows us to have a quicker and more efficient procurement process, as the suppliers that are in TransQ have been checked and approved as suppliers for the Swedish Transport Administration.

When the prequalification system is used, Trafikverket's buyers select which suppliers will have access to the enquiry documentation. This choice is based on the categories in TransQ that best correspond to the good, service or contract that is being procured.

An annual administrative fee is charged in order to be registered in TransQ.

The fact that Trafikverket uses TransQ for procurements over the threshold value is advertised once a year on a publicly accessible database in Sweden and on the EU database TED. The advert contains a list of all goods, services and contracts that we expect to procure.