Collaboration Basic and High level

Trafikverket considers that collaboration is an important factor in the development of the construction industry towards a higher productivity and level of innovation.

We have produced these guidelines, which describe how Trafikverket shall work with Collaboration Basic level and Collaboration High level in the construction and design contracts that Trafikverket enters into with our suppliers.

Collaboration means that the work is performed in close cooperation between employer and supplier(s), in order to ensure an effective working method, the right quality, improvements and goal fulfilment.

In the assignment, this collaboration shall occur in a structured form that shall permeate the working method and the approach to the assignment and to each other’s roles.

The guideline Collaboration High describes how Trafikverket works with contract model Collaboration High level in the most complex contracts and consultancy assignments that Trafikverket enters into with our suppliers.

In all standard contracts and assignments of Trafikverket, Collaboration Basic level applies.