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Environmental requirements in contracts

Here a compilation is made of the environmental requirements that apply in contracts that are procured by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) , both common and supplementary requirements.

The requirements concern the environmental impact associated with the implementation of the Contract Works.

Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Trafikverket have together drawn up common environmental requirements and guidelines for the requirements that govern Contract Works. In the case of contracts in which Trafikverket is the Employer, certain adaptations have been made.

In addition to these requirements, object-specific requirements have been imposed.

Environmental requirements for Contract Works initiated after 15 Mars 2018 

Guideline – General environmental requirements för contract procurement, TDOK 2012:93 v.2.0 (Word-file, 74 kB , opens in a new window)

Environmental requirements for Contract Works until 15 mars 2018, and initiated 1 April 2012

Guideline – General environmental requirements for contract procurement, TDOK 2012:93 (Word, 35 kB, opens a new window)

This guideline serves as a basis for the Swedish Transport Administration's requirements in contract procurements. The requirements are included as part of the Transport Administration's Tender Enquiry Documents.

Purpose and objectives of the environmental requirements

The requirements are designed to reduce the environmental impact of the work performed. Clear, relevant and cost-effective requirements lead to improved air quality, reduced climate impact and reduced use and spread of toxic substances. The requirements will contribute to achieving national, regional and local environmental and climate goals, meeting environmental quality standards and other legislation and following EU regulations. When the requirements have been developed, the ambition was to formulate requirements that are simple, clear, environmental and cost-effective as well as being able to follow-up. Pure procurement aspects, such as competition neutrality, have also been taken into account.

Requirements for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) sets out requirements for suppliers in investment and maintenance projects to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the projected infrastructure. The requirements apply to greenhouse gas emissions from construction, materials used and future maintenance.

Read more about the requirements here (pdf, 319 kB)