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Watch our new progress report film

The new film from E4 the Stockholm bypass Project (E4 Förbifart Stockholm) shows what we have been working with during the spring of 2020. It also describes the continued work on Lovön and what happens "after the blast" in the tunnel.

Intensive casting work at the traffic areas, lifting and fitting a new pedestrian- and bicycle bridge over E4 / E20 near Vårby backe and continuing ahead in the tunnels with about 60 % blasted.  Project manager Johan Brantmark, Erik Lindgren, unit manager for Tunnels and Johan Lindskog, project manager at Lovö tunnel, provide an insight into the work along the route from Kungens kurva in the south to Häggvik in the north.

English subtitles

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Older progress report films

Every six moth we summarize the progress in E4 the Stockholm bypass Project with a short film. 

Link: You can watch the older films on our YouTube channel.