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An illustration of a section of the E45, between Lilla Bommen – Marieholm.

E45 Lilla Bommen – Marieholm

The European highway E45 passes to the middle of the city centre in Gothenburg. A section of the E45, between Lilla Bommen – Marieholm, is being converted to adapt the highway to the infrastructural and urban development projects in the area.

The City of Göteborg plans to replace the existing Götaälv Bridge with a new bridge, Hising Bridge, before 2020. In the future, there are also plans for a Rail Yard Viaduct, which entails the construction of a new road bridge over the track area east of Göteborg Central Station. The construction of the new Hising Bridge and Rail Yard Viaduct means that new connections will be needed to the E45, which in turn means that the road will have to be reconstructed from Stadstjänare ­Bridge in an easterly direction.

In addition, the signal-controlled intersection at Falutorget (the Gasometer) will be replaced by a grade-separated crossing, which will serve to improve both accessibility as well as traffic safety. In order to connect up with the future design of Marieholmsmotet, which will be opened to traffic in 2020, one of the bridges at Gullbergsmotet will need to be widened. This widening will make it possible to construct two through-traffic lanes on the E45.

Summary of scope

The conversion entails a lowering of European Highway E45 within central Göteborg, between Stadstjänaregatan and Falutorget. The road will be lowered some 6 m along a stretch of approximately 800 m, which entails extensive excavation work and the management of excavated soil. Half the road section will also be decked over, which results in a new tunnel. It will also create the possibility building construction above the tunnel roof. The new tunnel runs between Stadstjänaregatan and Torsgatan while the remainder of the lowered road will be prepared for decking over some time in the future. The conversion work also comprises new interchanges at Kämpegatan and Falutorget. In addition, a bridge at Gullbergsmotet will be widened.

Conversion of the E45 entails concrete structures in the form of, inter alia:

  • 400 m of concrete tunnel
  • piled retaining walls along an approx. 400 m lowering of the road
  • a grade-separated intersection with access and exit ramps
  • a new bridge at Gullbergsmotet