How we procure - The Varberg tunnel

Trafikverket is an authority and by law must endeavour to procure goods, services and contracts in competition.

How we procure in The Varberg tunnel

The procurements in The Varbergs tunnel must be carried out in accordance with the Public Procurement Act (LOU SFS 2016:1145) and the Act on Procurement in the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors (LUF 2016:1146). The acts that are used depend on whether road- or railway-related activities are being procured.

Ongoing procurements and suborders

In larger projects, such as the Varberg tunnel, smaller procurements and suborders for supportive activities are always ongoing. These are advertised on Trafikverket's website under current procurements and Trafikverket's procurement plan.
Tender applications are made through Trafikverket's electronic procurement system, CTM.

Trafikverkets planned procurements

To find out about Trafikverket's planned procurements, see Trafikverket's procurement plans. These plans are preliminary and are subject to change. These plans are updated each month.


Trafikverket only uses the prequalification system TransQ when carrying out procurements over the threshold values. TransQ is an Internet-based supplier register and prequalification system that is run by the company Achilles for the leading Nordic transport organisations.

Trafikverket's prequalification system – TransQ