Trafikverket pauses the next step in the planning of the new railway through the municipality of Härryda

The municipality of Härryda has expressed that they do not support Trafikverket’s suggestion for the localization of the new railway. We have therefore chosen to pause continued works in the municipality of Härryda.

Cooperation with regions and municipalities is essential when we are planning for a new railway. During the consultation in the spring of 2021 it became clear that the municipality of Härryda do not want a high-speed railway  through the municipality. The municipality wants a railway for commuter- and regional trains with a station in Mölnlycke instead.

-  Trafikverket follows the national plan that is decided by the government. It is stated therin that our mission is to plan the new railway between Gothenburg and Borås as a part of the New Main Lines for high-speed trains between Gothenburg and Stockholm, the programme manager Sara Distner explains.

The municiplaity of Härryda has also announced that they will wait for the government’s decision on the localization of the railway before they begin to work with the necessary changes to detailed plans in the municipality. The government is expected to make its decision about the localization around the turn of the year 2023/2024.

In order to move forward with the planning of the new railway, it is of the outmost importance that consensus exits with regions and municiplaities and that this consenus exits in the region Västra Götaland and in the other municiplaities that are affected.

- We are trying to maintain a high tempo in the process so that stakeholders can be notified as soon as possible where the new railway will run, but our railway plans and the detailed plans in each municipality must correspond with each other. We don’t see that we have the prerequisites for this in the municipality of Härryda. Therefore we will continue with the next phase consisting of railway plans and investigate exactly where the railway will run in the municipalities where there is consensus and paus the work in the municipality of Härryda, Sara Distner explains.

The localization study will be finalized by the summer of 2022 and will be sent to the government. Out time schedule has been based upon the alignment that we have with the region Västra Götaland of a start of construction 2025-2027, which presupposses that work with the railway plans takes place parallel to the government’s approval process.  We will therfore start the next step in those parts that are located outside the municipality of Härryda.

To paus the work with railway plans in Härryda will have consequences for the time schedule.

- It is too early to answer how much the time schedule will be affected, but it means several years delay regarding opening the railway for traffic. We are now looking over the possibility to start construction as planned on any part of the stretch during the period of 2025-2027, says Sara Distner.