Early dialogues in Gothenburg-Borås: productive discussions between Trafikverket and Swedish and international suppliers

During this fall digital early dialogues were held with both Swedish and international suppliers, consultants and contractors. Here we have gathered feedback and ideas from the participating suppliers and information from the project.

Gothenburg−Borås has carried out early dialogues with the supplier market, both Swedish and international suppliers during October-December 2020.

Gothenburg-Borås is very pleased with how the dialogues were conducted and thanks all suppliers, both Swedish and international, for their participation and for their great interest in the program and their openness in sharing their views, ideas and more.

The dialogues were held during the fall of 2020 via Skype due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Dialogues were held with both consultants and contractors because the project finds it essential to receive both perspectives on upcoming assignment contracts and construction contracts.

The project will carry out more early dialogues in the future and especially with regards to procurements of contracts for the construction phase. We recommend that you visit the project’s website regularly.

Early dialogue - presentation and information

Early dialogue - summary consultants

Early dialogue - summary contractors